I have published four long articles on death penalty around the world in El País Semanal magazine since 2010, always with Sofía Moro‘s pictures. We have explained the issue of innocence in the United States, we have understood the brutality of the system in Japan and we have entered inside the last country in Europe which still executes its citizens in the name of justice, Belarus. After all these years dedicated to investigate this issue, after visiting three different continents and participating in the last two world congresses against death penalty in Geneve in 2010 and in Madrid in 2013, where I also met more and more people, my conclusion is that executions are a failure for any justice system in the world. Executions are not a deterrant for crimes in a society, nor those are an obstacle for criminals. I understand who, victim of a horrible crime, wants an eye for an eye. But I don’t share that a State also sees it that way: there are many cases in which Justice was wrong, and in the case of death penalty cases with irreversible consequences.

In 2016 me and El País Semanal’s journalist Guillermo Abril published a new article, my fourth, on death penalty. We revisited the same story published by me in 2010 on death row survivors. It was a consequence of a documentary we had been filming since 2010, titled ‘The Resurrection Club’.

United States (2016) – Supervivientes del corredor de la muerte ['The Resurrection Club']

Furthermore, along with every one of the three first articles published at El País Semanal, I did some videos.

United States (2010) - The club of the resuscitated (download article in english + spanish)

Japan (2011) - 42 years waiting for the executioner (download article in english + spanish)

Belarus (2013) – The last shot in Europe (download article in english + spanish)

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